Monday, November 07, 2005

This struck a chord: groupie: A little bit of planning... And a lot of greed

Full text here: I keep thinking it'll be their loss in the long run, when I leave because I just can't stand the pace any longer. But then I worry whether I will ever leave, and whether me leaving will improve things for me...

I have often felt this way groupie - I don't know who you are, just stumbled across your blog some days ago. Your provider does not let people outside comment on your posts otherwise this would be up on your blog, lass. Anyway - I have often felt this way like I said. Never did manage to summon the mental strength required to leave. I took the easy way out: I just don't care any more and try to get by without dying of boredom, you know? Will leaving give me a more fulfilling life? Possibly. There will be more to write about this whole thing - tonight is my last night before going back there for the first time in six weeks. I have spent only three of the last twelve weeks at the office what with holidays and injury and still I have no appetite to go back there and listen to all the bullshit which just turns me off the work I do. I work in a service industry and it annoys me when the bottom line is more important than the service offered - you see this so often. I try to make my work as good as it can be for the client and then I hear or see things which annoy me.

Anyway - groupie, you are not alone... but then again, I think you know that already.

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