Saturday, October 22, 2005

Physio not painless

So there I was, with my foot in a tub with whirly water whooshing round. Why? Well, physiotherapy they call it. And I need it because my ankle is still heavy with swelling even a month after the event. For what happened, you'll have to check the caving blog, which I hope to have up to date soon enough.

I am still in a fair amount of pain, although it is very manageable and serving more as a reminder than a warning to desist. I cannot walk yet. It is tough with friends, family and work not understanding exactly how hard a sprain this was. The physio identified the damage done based on what he felt, what I told him about the circumstances of the fall and how it all felt.

I have until 4 November officially off work. Hopefully by then I'll be in a position to drive and walk and On 28 October and for a few days we have the Panhellenic Speleological Meeting in Kardhitsa Prefecture - it is to be the largest meeting and the first with official representation from foreign clubs.

I have nothing to say about the lost Turkey.

Nor about how they are breaking my balls with advertisements for toys every evening.


AJP said...

Nice to have some time off work... But sorry to hear you're in pain. What do you plan to read, watch, file and write in the time before 4th November?

Stelios said...

Woo! a comment! someone's reading this all... I'll get a reply together hopefully tommorrow - been very guilt-racked all week about letting things get behind. How is Venice looking? I got part III ready, but parts IV ff will take a while.

After Venice come Istanbul in May and then more about what I been up to since injury.