Monday, January 11, 2016

Some thoughts on the death of David Bowie

I am not a Bowie super fan, nor did I have any great belief that Bowie would not eventually die, as we all must, but...

My first conscious contact with Bowie was in 1990 or 1991, in a room in Newlands, with Tom G* and Stuart S*. I have no real idea now why I was there (I did not often visit Newlands), not even sure who’s room it was, Tom’s or Stuart’s, and I think it very likely TB was there with me. At some point the intro to Space Oddity began playing, on a turntable, as a dig. Fun was being poked by our host at one of the “spacemen” present (and there were plenty).

And then, about twelve years later, I met Korinna, and we would travel around in my heroic Cinquecento and the CD player would play a Best of Bowie CD on an almost continuous loop and I got to realise how Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge would have been nothing without Bowie, and got to know Bowie’s work in its own right. And I liked it.

And not only that, but it became very much connected with the early days of my time with Korinna, as it was an almost continuous soundtrack to all our on-road and off-road adventures (and there were plenty of adventures, and there was plenty of exploration).

So, farewell: Thanks for being the background music to some very happy moments in my life with K.

The cinquo, exploring