Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bird flu

I'm alright, I'm a bloke.

But seriously, it's here - allegedly. If the news is to be believed we got bird flu on this side of the border now. Some Turkey's been found dead with it on an island.

I ain't had my flu jab yet and there's been mass illiterate panic buying by people who think one will protect you from the other. Bollocks bollocks bollocks - I'm in the high risk group idiots. Not only that but I know that the jab won't cover this year's flus but last year's.

The news channels are all blowing things out of proportion - I have no idea what is being said about the bird flu outside Greece, but here there is mass media-induced hysteria. The media thrive on lack of knowledge and fear thrashing the public into a greater state of fear and panic. And then there is no flu vaccine for me.

Ignorance is bliss buy consume spend panic suckers!

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