Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thursday's rambling

Feeling really really tired and exhausted recently. There's good reason - I am tired and exhausted. Its the feeling dizzy that annoys me most. Been taking my vitamins again - the Bs. Obviously need them as my piss hasn't started to smell of B-block vitaimin pills - even 24 hours after starting to take them.

Went to Istanbul and Ankara earlier in the week, going back to Istanbul on Monday. Ping pong ping pong - haven't had an oppportunity for "tourism" since March. Grr. Still some stuff needing to be visited. Lips on Vatan Cad. and Gul Camii being two main ones, and of course St. John's Studio. And I wouldn't mind taking a better walk around the C4th church under the road that goes through the aqueduct - could I be more vague? And of course the walls need a good seeing to, as does the Mosaic museum, but with batteries in the flash, no?

This weekend will be tough - going to Dersios tomorrow evening, no idea when we'll be starting the journey to come back...


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