Thursday, October 07, 2004

...and braces the languid sinew

October brings the cold weather down - except of course, not here he doesn't. Here we can still quite happily swim in the sea, and walk around in shirt sleeves. The suns of May are more descriptive of what our Octobers are like.

Going through one of these patches - and what should come to the rescue last night but - yep, ashamed slightly to say it, but ultimate regression to the security of childhood manifesting itself in the form of Giants, Raleigh, 3 yards and of course October. Even a goose's brain has uses.

I found it strange that google brings up no hits for nerves the limbs that are lazy grown or braces the languid sinew. Same for fog on St. Joles day. Who'dve thunk it?


Anonymous said...

Stelios, Stylianos, Oh Chant Charyatid Chant ! O Wretched Soul of Woe ! Hello Stelios, Where are you, contact me on my name (fill in the gaps have very good news !

Stelios said...

I have just noticed your comment and I am trying to get in touch with you, you mysterious bibliophil, you.

It would have been more noticeable had you commented on a more recent post, but I figure this one is more apt, no?