Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dress sense!

So here's a picture to sit on my profile - I have no idea if I can have it sit as my profile pic without it being also somewhere on the main blog page.

So what's going on here - well, this photo was taken last year while I was out in the mountains of Arcadia looking for one of two things. The first was bits of limestone which might have conodont elements hidden in them (and I got buckets full of stone waiting to be looked at). The other was "pretty colours" for crushing into fine powder, mixing up with slips and painting onto the pottery I was making at the time. The reds collected here were really rather nice grinding easily and slightly dissolving into the slip when the time came. The pretty colours did not really stay that pretty after the firing, but it's all part of the learning and creative process.

I now realise that the clothes I am wearing in this pic are really rather funny - like how many very different and non complementary colours can be worn at the same time??

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