Sunday, December 11, 2005

More bread

Marky Mark's original recipe calls for 500g flour, one sachet of yeast, one coke-can of water or milk or mixture of the two and I add some oil as well. What I do is 400g of mixed maizeflour / wheatflour, 100g quaker oats and all the rest as per Marky's advice.

On the left we have the dough rising after the first knead, then cooking and on the right the final loaves. I love home made bread. I love the yeasty smell and the whole house filling with bread smell as the cooking draws to a close. I love the taming of the fungus. It lives and dies so as to make more of the dough.

We got the two loaves I made today here. Left picture is immediately after kneading, middle picture is after the dough has risen as far as it will go and the right hand side is the final cooked product. The top has the TE sign from Linear A/B inscribed - my initial but also a good shape for getting the crust to separate. The bottom loaf was not very well put together and opened up in the final rising stage - not a problem for the final product though. I have tried it and it's great!


AJP said...

Hey you. Have a good one. Are you off to your mums? We're having an indulgent day to ourselves on the 25th and then down to see JB's family on Boxing Day. Plan to do much sticking of photos in albums over the Christmas hols - but then that's always my plan and it almost always never happens.

Stelios said...

Full report coming within first ten days of 2006 (probably)...

Lots of food involved and not enough walking.