Monday, May 09, 2005

and while we're at it...

Three little panoramas I photographed with my trusty Nokia phone and stitched together with autostitch, this really quite clever little programme.

Clicking on the little thumbnails will take you to a slightly larger image for each one.

There was the most amazing sky on Saturday evening - we had set out for a meal with friends of Korinna from Uni and then the Masters in London. Meeting, as usual at the cathedral, I snapped the above skyline and the rather distorted view of the entrance to the cathedral itself, which is below.

I don't like the way it totally blows the edge out of the stuff which is closer, but there is not too much that can be done. I guess I'd have to go into photoshop and spend time on the straightening of curved edges.

This one I am very pleased with, and it seems that this is the sort of shot which autostich excells in. It is a view up the street which borders the Library of Hadrian (qv) and you can make out from left to right the old mosque which is now the folklore museum, the Library of Hadrian in the centre of the frame and the Acropolis over in the distance and to the right of the image. You get a nice idea of how the Erecthion sits on the edge of the rock and sticks out.

I rather like this one - taken as it is with dusk firmly in the air and with the street sellers busying about trying to get business all along the railings.

I will try to expand on the extremely long, rather than high panoramas.

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