Tuesday, January 25, 2005

talk about going to eleven!!!

So I get home yesterday, and there's a big 12" square envelope waiting for me with big magic marker letters on it in the instantly recognisable hand of Jockey.

All the way up to the flat, I am thinking to myself, what this is... obviously some vinyl, otherwise no need to write DO NOT BEND in big letters on it: but what sort of vinyl? and should I worry that there seemed to be a bit more 'give' in the envelope than there should have been?

Once this was noticed, the possible gift came to me in a cascade of recognition... what vinyl would Jockey be sending me? what vinyl is not perfectly round? what vinyl is shaped like a megalithic monument? how much better a birthday present could this have been?

None - none, more better...

Thanks, Jock man.

Below, a photo of my shaped vinyl copy of Spinal Tap's "Bitch School"

Oh - and as an extra treat: two photocopied photos of the moocher!!!

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