Monday, January 03, 2005

Going to Byzantine Italy

It all started about three weeks ago, when we realised K would have a full week off after the new year. Usually this is not the case - schools open in Greece the feast of St. John.

What to do with a week? We said it would be nice to go to Karpenissi for some mountainous fun and I started all the planning. It all looked a little expensive for me - high priced rooms and what have you - so I met K's suggestion to surprise her with a whole lot of excitement. I had already gone and looked at costs for going to Venice and it seemed to be about within the same budget scale as Karpenissi for a week (what does that tell you about post-Euro prices, huh?).

The idea was to plan this whole thing without her knowing. Not too tough, as it turns out. I made some clues, which Ill put in here: "space for clues" when I get back. The clues all point to the destination, and whatever I don't care what anyone has said to me about the obtuseness of them all, but she got the destination without any help and not too long after being given the clues. Qualia? Talia est mihi, I am happy to say.

I am currently on a cross-Adriatic ferry that bears absolutely no relationship to the ferries of my memories from childhood drives from the UK to Greece. The only thing in any way similar to the ferries of the past are the slot machines - and these are only superficially similar as the older ones were hand-cranked and not push button affairs.

The plan is to stay on the Lido for two nights, leaving after the conclusion of the Befanio Regatta for Ravenna, and to leave there on the Saturday for Patras again.

While in Venice the plan is to see St. Mark's, possibly the Accademia and Torcello. Anything else is left up to whatever fate has in store for our feet and legs. We may go up to Murano to look at the glassworks - childhood memories I think are enough, although a fresh look now may not be too bad.

I have not been in Venice since about 1987, maybe one or two years (but no more) later. I have not been on a ferry across the Adriatic since about the same time - although I did cross the straights to Brindisi in 2001.

Ravenna should be good - I have never visited and it has definitely been on my wish lost for a long time. K and I have been giving the old wish list a good going over these past 6 months...

One thing I'll say about the ferry before I close is that it ain't half hot in the rooms. Far too hot for a fatman in my condition.

I doubt I'll be able to post again before returning, but check back, just in case, why don't you?

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