Monday, November 29, 2004

Can't be bottled or canned

Jockey had brought me this CD with a bunch of cool tunes on it that I had been looking for for ages. He had added some from his own collection, one of which had a very distinctive style and rather unconventional lyrics.

Going to google and slamming in "boob-scotch" (the refrain), I came across the web-site of one Bob Log III. Not only is this like from a proper album, but the guy who wrote and performs the song is as crazy as any artist Jockey lets me know about after newly discovering them. He performs wearing a motorcycle helmet and singing through a phone mic. And he's a one man band.

Imagine my surprise when a CD came in the post containing not only the photos Jocks took on the trip, but a postie of the Magyar monument in Budapest, and more Bob Log III tracks! Woo! Time to go to amazon...

Thank you Jock, man.

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