Monday, July 16, 2012

Bunny Burritos

So here’s what I did yesterday:

I started with three onions, this much goes without saying. Coarsely cut up, these were fried in butter with some olive oil to keep it from overheating, until they became transparent. Next, I took the meat off a rabbit – apart from one leg, a big piece of saddle and one arm plus chest (those are for tonight). I then liberally applied Montreal steak seasoning, which is essentially garlic, coriander, black pepper, red pepper flakes, dill seed, and salt, so it gives the meat a nice kick, but also has the coriander and dill in there for some underlying interest.

This then went in the frying pan until done. I snacked on the kidneys and liver at this point as no one else wants them. The rest then came out of the frying pan and was kept on the side.

I deglazed with some cheap white wine, and then put in a tomato (sliced) and two aubergines (cut into sticks). When these had started to soften and the tomato had disintegrated, I added two courgettes (cut into sticks) and two green peppers. Every now and then it was necessary to put more white wine in to avoid sticking and I put some more olive oil in at some point to help the process. When the courgettes were softish, the rabbit came back in for long enough for the flavours to talk to eachother.

This was then spooned onto tortilla wraps, grated cheese was added and burritos were thus fashioned.


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