Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Desmond saga continues

So, following up on my DIKATSA post from 2005, I went in January 2009 to the successor organisation, DOATAP, and had a huge argument with some needle-dick pencil pusher who wanted to tell me that I would only ever be recognized as a graduate of a technical college, because my course at uni was only three years long, and then left.

Now, three years on, I went again and showed the restraint of a man genuinely trying to understand what the fuck sort of logic lies behind the system. I was told to ring a number and talk to Mr. Papavlasopoulos who deals with my sort of degree.

I phoned today, spoke to a soft-spoken lady who fed me the same line about having my desmond recognized as being equivalent to a degree from a technical college, but suggested that I come on Wednesday to have a chat with Mr. P.

I am not holding my breath.


Κωνσταντίνος said...

Cousin I had no such (3-year long studies) problem in 1994 with my Math degree. Still:
a) DIKATSA insisted on first re-evaluating Cambridge's Math Tripos because the whole collegiate structure short-circuited them! I was the first even Mathematician from Corpus Christi going through DIKATSA and the fact that they had recognized Trinity and King's Mathematicians did not seem to matter - University of Zimbabwe was recognized automatically, but Corpus Math (which is no different from any other Cambridge Math) needed to be evaluated by their University professor committee. So this delayed the whole process by almost a year IIRC.
b) My degree was recognized as ισότιμος but not αντίστοιχος (or was it the other way round?) to AFAIR the University of Ioannina Math degree. The difference was due to the fact that (despite my having taken courses not even offered there AFAIK) I had not taken all courses that a graduate from that program has to have taken in order to graduate. So in order to be granted both ισοτιμία and αντιστοιχία Ι had to show up in Ioannina and take 2 or 3 exams. :-) Which of course I did not bother with, I had a Ph.D. to work towards instead. 8->
c) I had to provide them with a piece of paper stating that my studies were physically conducted in the UK (and therefore I was not taking courses at some extension school of a British University in Greece). A reasonable request given the law at the time but the College Secretary looked at me as if I had 3 heads when I asked for it - where else could my studies have been conducted? :-)

So when you talk to Mr. P. tell him that DIKATSA recognized 3-year British (and especially Cambridge degrees) all the time and that if he'd like to become widely known as the person that decided that Newton's University is equivalent to a TEI he can be your guest. I will make sure that somehow this reaches the pages of major Greek (and non-Greek) newspapers - these morons need to be exposed.

Stelios said...

Cousin - I am not holding my breath, like I say...
As for the publicity - I am not ready for this battle right now. You know the saying about wrestling with a pig?
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