Thursday, July 02, 2009

I dreampt about Charlie a few nights ago

I did not actually see him in the dream, but he was there and it was funny how I never found myself face to face with him. Charlie died a few years ago. He had hurled himself off the top of a building in a far away land. I had known him since we had interacted at the Bryanston Greek summer camp in 1990. Turns out that he was friends with Kerridge at school and then he also turns up at college.

The thing is, in the dream, I only realised after I had woken up that I had been dreaming about a dead guy. It felt quite normal to be waiting around on a stage for a rehearsal for which Charlie was late and to be talking on the phone about him with someone and trying to persuade him by e-mail to send me his CV so we could work together. Of course he never came to the rehearsal, never replied to the mails and never took the job, but while it was frustrating that I couldn't find him, I never twigged that the underlying reason might have been that this was a dream and Charlie had in fact been dead for close to ten years.

Anyway - once again ave atque vale. Be sure you are remembered here yet and will be.

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