Friday, March 06, 2009

and the story of how WMG continued to chafe my nuts...

So, the video I uploaded in December 2008 with our trip to Zesta Nera cave in Sidhirokastro has been unceremoniously removed by YouTube who seem totally oblivious to the bad karma they are courting by siding with big business against the little people.

Visitors to the webpage showing the Zesta Nera video are now greeted with the text above: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG.

When I go t the copyright claim page, I get this message:

my video, may have content from Room "26" by Lalo Schiffrin... well, no shit, yes it does! The music of Lalo Schiffrin is great, moving, moody and still swinging at the same time. Especially that track. So, yes, my creation - my video about our visit to Zesta Nera needed that piece of music to stick it together in the same way that a collage needs sellotape to keep it together. You don't see 3M getting upset at the use of double sided sticking tape every time a collage is made, though do you?

The version of the video embedded in my caving blog is still playing, although no doubt, it too will become a broken link soon.

I am upset, again, at youtube and wmg. The use of the Schiffrin piece is arguably not a violation of copyright and is definitely not bringing me any financial benefit.

Anyway - I'll keep everyone posted on the craziness as it evolves.

WMG, I know you will read this (you read my previous post about you).
Your strategy is wrong, wake up! Don't alienate the fans of the artists you milk.

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