Monday, December 08, 2008

Alex has 13 friends...

That's what is says on the facebook page with his friends - a bunch of dippy 15 year olds like himself. So, Alex has 13 friends... either that should be 'had' 13 friends, or else, has millions of friends.

The hooded well-known unknowns are planning to burn the town again tonight, but I doubt it is now for Alex. They do it because they like to face off the police and burn property.

There's a whole lot not right here any more. As a former dippy teen who may have been in the wrong place from time to time while growing up, my thoughts go out to his friends and family.

While I disagree with capitalising on everyone's grief and anger by politicising Alex's death - a good hard look should be had at what sort of person is walking the streets of this country carrying and who it is we trust to carry guns. I hope that in the backlash to your death, Alex, the streets will become safer for my as yet unborn child, which will no doubt be just as dippy as I was.

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