Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paris day 1

So I am feeding the addiction to the online world even on my holidays. This is a French keyboard, and of course the French have to be different and have to have some of the keys in slightly diffreent places. Please excuse any stray wierd letters that may creep in.

Today we started from the base near the Place Gambetta and went into the centre of town to the Sainte Chapelle chapel, advertised as a rather fine bit of Gothic architecture in the centre of town, and surrounded by the buildings which replaced the halls in which Julian the Apostate once ruled. Other parts of the itinerary included the St. Severin, St. Julien, Museum of the Middle Ages and more.

I will have time to write more some other day, with photos. Kiddy bedtime dictates I now shut down.


Barbara said...

Stelio, yeia sou!
Do you remember a Belgian girl, in the meantime mother of 2 kids, who you used to go to the cinema with, together with your sister? I was just entering your name on internet and found this blog. Couldn't believe my eyes!

Stelios said...

Geia sou re Barbara!! Ti kaneis??
Find me on I don't want to publish my other e-mail here to avoid spam, but I do check that one every now and then. I am also on MSN and facebook with that address. Look forward to hearing more from you and to seeing photos of kids!