Friday, February 24, 2006

Easy-Rabbit Recipe

Or what I did with the rest of the rabbit after having made the Caneloni I haven't got round to showing off yet...

This is basically the easy chicken recipe, but now that chickens are slightly frowned on, and due to the fact that I had about 800 gramnmes of rabbit left over after making the caneloni, and about four portions of rice left over after saturday's cooking, we decided to make easy rabbit.

Step one:

You put your rabbit in an oven-proof dish having salted and peppered it. Then you get the contents of a Knorr (or equivalent) Onion Soup sachet and cover the rabbit with this. Then you get a tin of pineapples in natural juice cut them up into sort of eighths of a circle and put them on top of the meat. Then you pour the rest of the contents of the tin into the oven proof dish and then you fill up the tin with water and pour that into the oven proof dish. Foo! this recipe writing stuff is tough work. OK on to Step 2:

Step two:

So, put the thing in the oven at about 180-190 degrees centigrade, which is about between 355 and 375 in old money. Every 15-20 minutes I would turn and baste the meat and add more liquid to the Onion Soup Pineapple sauce if necessary.

After about 45 minutes to an hour, you are ready. The final image shows Korinna putting in some rice so it can soak around in the juices and sauces before being served.

Step three:

Serve (probably can be done more neatly than is shown in the picture). We usually have one of Korinnas salads with this meal.

So - there it is... easy rabbit.

I realise that use of the ready soup is a cop-out, but it is meant to be easy, after all.




Stelios said...

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