Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lycambes? who he? - Hotel Kapodistrias in Nafplio rant

Yeah, so I never was one for invective and all that jazz. Well, not since a long time ago when I was experimenting rather haphazardly and awkwardly with lyric meter.

Anyway - a while back, in this post (before going) and also in this post (after being there), I mentioned the hotel Kapodistrias in Nafplio and how it was a nice place to stay. Well, it is a nice place to stay, but the idiots who run the Hotel Kapodistrias in Nafplio are idiots and have lost me for a client.

We had a good time in December, so I call them in early February to ask for rooms for easter weekend - which in our calendar is the weekend 30 April / 1 May. The girl on the phone asks me to phone back in March, so we phoned back in late February and are told again to phone back in March, since they weren't taking bookings for Easter yet. In early March, I am told to phone back in a few weeks and I asked them specifically, like, "you better not tell me there's no rooms when I call back in late March because I've been trying to book these rooms since early February" and they assure me that there will be no problem.

So on the weekend of 26 March we phoned, and they told us that they were fully booked, cunts that they are. I asked why they had led us along for so many weeks, and they told me that they had a group which had not yet put down the deposit, but did in the end and they didn't know whether or not they would have the rooms on account of this delayed downpayment, and for this reason, they kept telling us to keep calling back.

Would it have hurt them to tell us that they had a group which had not paid a deposit yet?


So, I will never stay at the Hotel Kapodistrias in Nafplio again, although I liked the place and had every intention to spend a number of weekends with them.

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