Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Weekend brick fun

So, I have this little 899cc car I am very very fond of - and last weekend it braved the rain and wind and weather for me, laden with some 200 fire-bricks, the poor bastard.

The wheel ain't meant to sit that low down on the suspension, oh no... normally it sits like in the right hand side photo.

So 200 fire-bricks each weighing 2Kg, makes about 400Kg - or the equivalent of six people on the back seat. Ouch!

And here they are. And there they are after Kostas the friendly Albanian helped me move them into my mother's garden...

That's 200 bricks, with dimensions 22x11x4 cm.

The next step is to ask out on r.c.p what I can do with them, other than make a midget two foot kiln. I am looking for ideas on making them into a Brisbane kiln, but want to use these bricks only where absolutely necessary.

I'll cross post my questions to rcp to the blog, and probaby any answers too.


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