Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Last night's cooking...

So, K has discovered wierd meats from the gourmet adventures series of Kruijer Foods, and we get to cook wierd stuff every now and then. Been doing a whole lot of ostrich recently in various guises and it's pretty good meat. This time, I came home to a packet of crocodile fillet in the fridge and spent about a week chasing recipes. Finally, I found some good ones out on this site, which included text like: "Dust crocodile fillets with flour. Dip in egg wash (egg beaten with milk). Blend walnuts and breadcrumbs and coat crocodile. Fry in heated oil & butter. Serve with Tropical Fruit Sauce."

So, with 14 Euros worth of croc fillet and recipes like this, I figure you can't go very wrong.

The above pic shows the raw croc after I had cut it into stips.

This pic shows the croc after frying.

I am not so well versed in the art of frying, being more of an oven baked or grill man myself. I don't have any idea what the thing should look like, nor how tender or chewy the meat should be. Some of the pieces were really very soft and melt in the mouth others needed a whole lot of chewing and I have no idea whether this is a cut of meat thing or a cooking time / heat thing.

Whatever the outcome, I liked the idea for the batter being two parts breadcrumb to one part walnuts. I didn't actually use breadcrumbs, either, but shredded wholemeal rye rusks, which probably did a lot towards making the whole thing more exciting.

Taste-wise, I don't have all that much to say about the croc. It needs more research.


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